Keeping them Cultured at Lunchtime!

After the abundance of summer treats and ‘relaxed rules’, there’s no wonder it’s practically impossible to get our children to eat the right things now that it’s all come to an end! It’s now back to normality and eating well for our children…not only at home but BACK at SCHOOL!

Keeping in mind the mountains of culture we’ve fed to them over the summer break, Mums the World came up with some healthy lunch box ideas that will help them learn about the world whilst lunching :). We may have whisked them around the globe on various vacations this summer so it’s a shame to let that cultured sprit stop there! 

We can’t guarantee your children will eat them all but why not give them a try. Tips to help encourage your children to try new things can be found here on – be sure to click on our links below for the recipes too! Bon Appetit!


Cucumber and Jam Sandwiches – Quintessentially British! They are easy and mix up the sandwich choices each week! Try different flavours of Jam to broaden their taste buds or click the link for more ideas. Use fun cookie cutter shapes to liven things up a bit!

Cottage Pie or Shepherds Pie –  Yum! – this will warm the cockles as we draw towards winter. A warm alternative (See here for storage solutions)

Scones with Jam – Royalty doesn’t have to stop at Buckingham Palace! Treat your child to a posh afternoon tea in their packed lunch this term. Grab the scones with Raisins and you also get the fruit in there too.

English Muffin Pizzas – Try these Jamie Oliver ‘English Muffin Pizzas’. They are the perfect size and quick to prepare the evening before. Slice open a muffin, top with tomato, peppers, chorizo and mozzarella then pop under the grill for a few minutes till golden. An English take on an Italian classic!

Strawberries and Creams – Such a summer delicacy in England. Ok, we all send strawberries but where is the little squirt of cream to make the head? 😉


EdamameOur kids love them! They are so good for them and easy to store too.

Sushi Balls – They are SO much fun!! You could even make them together (when you have the time, you busy mummy).

Crunchy Cucumber and Carrot Sticks – Always a good one, healthy and ridiculously easy!

A Seaweed Wrapped PlayStation Control – Haha we are joking! You really would be the coolest mum in the school if you managed this for their lunchbox!


Spanish Croquettes – A simple dish you can make from scratch, add ingredients of your own choice and store easily.

Spanish Ratatouille – This is a great dish to send to school and you can keep it warm in the insulated flasks shown here (See here for storage solutions), or if your want you could send it cold.

Patatas Bravas – Again, a dish that can be stored and sent to school cold for your child to nibble with a bit of Aioli (Garlic mayonnaise) maybe?

Spanish Omelette – Keep it traditional using solely potato or click on the link for this scrumptious Annabel Karmel recipe including healthy veggies as well. Make it the day before, it always tastes better the next day!


Bite Sized Greek Salad! – The most healthiest and creative of ideas for your little ones.

Greek Yoghurt and Honey – Very Healthy! Just add some fruit in it too.

Tyropitakia AKA Filo Cheese Triangles – Traditionally made with Feta but you can mix and match to suit your little one’s taste buds!

Mini Meatballs dipped in Tzatziki – Cook up a big batch of these yummy meatballs and keep them frozen until the night before. Enjoy them cold dipped in a fresh cucumber and yogurt dip.

Moussaka – A great hot alternative for the thermal flask or they could eat it cold. (See here for storage solutions)


Poppadoms – Our children love Mango Chutney for dipping too.

Samosas – A great snack for kids lunches! You can make them yourself or you can usually find them in most supermarket delis.

Mild Chicken Tikka Bites – Fill up on tasty protein to keep them going throughout the day.

Lemon Rice with Garden Peas – We can’t wait to try this one!

France: (Click the link for a very interesting read about the French approach towards children’s eating habits)

Croissant – Not the healthiest option but a nice treat every now and again!

Snails – Yup we are joking but imagine their faces on opening the lunch box! *evil laugh!*

Quiche – A lovely alternative to a sandwich and the varieties are endless!

Mini Cheese Board – A few varieties of their favourite cheese, some grapes, crackers, dried apricots and crusty bread, et voila!

The Middle East:

Dates -Simply cut them in half and remove the stone, or be as creative as you like with date balls, pies and bakes.

Falafel – Try this Jamie Oliver ’15 Minute Meals’ recipe and pack either on their own with a dip, or with flatbreads, yum!

HummousShop bought or home made, this is a great healthy snack with carrot, cucumber, celery and colourful pepper sticks.

Italy: (with deliberately no pizza as you don’t need us to list that one!)

Pasta Salad – Filling and healthy, use an easy to eat pasta such as penne, fusili or ‘bow tie’ and add your child’s favourite meat and veggies in bite size portions. Don’t forget to add cuttlery!

Cherry Tomato and Mozarella Balls – Add basil and a splash of balsamic if they’re feeling adventurous!

Arancini Rice Balls – Yummy cheesy rice balls, we can’t wait to try these!

Antipasti – What will you choose? Breadsticks, meats, roasted veggies, cheese, olives – the options are endless! Your little one can have their own little party in a box!

We are looking forward to keeping our little ones as cultured as possible in the dining room over the next few months. Maybe you could join in too and have different countries for different weeks.

Please share any ideas you have you have with us below, we would love to hear from you!

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