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Meet the wonderful and charismatic Omaira Al Olama. Each time we catch up with Omaira she is utterly charming, gives the best hugs and rocks the most on-trend outfits! The owner of ALF Administration, which stands for ‘Advanced Learning Formulas’, a training organisation that is solely run by Emiratis, who train solely Emiratis and employ solely Emiratis, Omaira is aiming to bridge the gap between the work and home environment and feels the best way young nationals can relate is to have it come from another Emirati.

Omaira takes a break from training to chat all things travel with us, and if you have ever dreamed of pitching up at your local airport and spontaneously choosing a destination from the departures board (just wow!), you must read on…

☆ Who or what inspires you?

Strong women inspire me. As a mother of 3 daughters (aged 6 and twins ages 7 1/2), I want them to understand, that whether you are a stay at home mom, or part time working mom or even full time working mom, the hardest job in the world is that of being a mother. And that mothers shape what their daughters become, and thus their strength translates into beautiful strong women.

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☆ Where are you from and how long have you lived in Dubai?

I am a UAE national, but have lived in the USA, and graduated with a bachelors and masters from two major universities in the US. I was fortunate to be in places that were very cosmopolitan. Now in Dubai, which to me is the perfect hub for different nationalities to come together to explore and learn from one another.

☆ Tell us about a favourite or memorable trip that you have been on?

It was such an impromptu trip. The girls, my mother and I were leaving Germany to go back London, only to miss our flight. With no scheduled returns on the same day, we basically looked at the travel board and thought ok lets pick a destination. My youngest daughter having learnt the place recently shouted “Mallorca” Spain and we thought ok, now is the best time if ever, so off we went to Mallorca catching a budget airline from Germany!

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☆ What was your accommodation like and how did you find it?

We found it through the travel agent at the airport! It was very last minute and turned out to be a German run hotel in Spain! Haha! We were so lost.

☆ What was the highlight of your trip?

Just seeing the kids enjoying their time and exploring at city that I always wanted to go and see.


☆ What would you recommend as the best tourist attractions there?

Beach and food! The food was amazing and such good value for money. And the people were so friendly and kind and always on hand to help. Palma is steeped in history with a beautiful Cathedral to admire and the beaches throughout Mallorca are fantastic.


☆ What beauty essentials do you always pack in your travel bag?

I always travel with Kiehls 24 hour recovery, Huda Beauty lipsticks and Benefit cosmetics. Mostly Sephora has my go-to items!

☆ What is your favourite holiday attire and where do you like to purchase your holiday wardrobe?

Im very casual, always in light dresses and sandals, I have to be with 3 kids, its always rush and go with my lot! However my biggest purchase on holidays are house items, whether they are jugs and ceramic items.

☆ What was the ‘phrase’ of the holiday and why?

Sun and sand and sangria! Well for me that was anyhow haha. For the kids it was sand, sun and water sports.

☆ What local delicacies did you try?

Paella. Everywhere I went I had to order it and the biggest problem is that it comes in a huge pan served for 2 or more and usually I was the only one eating it!


☆ Would you recommend this destination to others?

Yes definitely! But book in advance and not last minute like us, to ensure you get a hotel that speaks more than one language!

☆ Where is your dream holiday destination?

Phuket! Thailand! Maldives! Anywhere where there is a beach really!

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