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The Christmas holidays are looming and we for one are excited…and busy! With all the festive action going on around the city, not to mention the usual after school activities and well, life in general, our mall trawls have been kept to a minimum recently. If you find yourself in the same boat, you’ll be pleased to know there is a new online retailer in town; Kidore.  

Kidore aims to bridge a gap in the market by providing great value products for children without compromising on quality. After a host of market research, it was clear people were longing for value, service and a lovely, easy to navigate website, and voila Kidore was born. Thousands of products are available under one virtual roof and they are ALL under AED 100.

We catch up with Managing Partner and fellow Horizon mama, Ayshwarya who gives us her top picks on the travel friendliest (and wallet friendliest) of toys, all available on So whether you are heading off on your Christmas holidays soon and need some purse friendly options to keep the little ones entertained mid-flight, or you need to stock up on stocking fillers – look no further!


Anyone who has travelled with kids can tell you that there are 3 things that you must absolutely take with you wherever you go; your sense of humor, patience and the mantra ‘I will probably never see these people again’.  Once you have that down (especially the patience bit), the rest is easy!

Our travel strategy as a family is to keep it easy till the kids are a bit older. I have a 6 and 2 year old so we travel mostly  to beach destinations with a sprinkling of cultural experiences and have decided that we will keep Europe and some of the other destinations that require more appreciation for when they are older. It works for us :)

I have a couple of tips that have helped me travel with my kids, which I would like to share and have also included some budget friendly product suggestions that might help too.


Before kids start to walk, is the golden age of travel. Pack a sleep sack, bottle/nursing cover; a couple of teethers, a bit of basic first aid and you’re good to go. You can pack bowls and spoons if you like when they’ve begun to wean but personally I found it easier to just pack spoons and use bowls and plates available at the hotel.


Now, there is a challenge. More than ever, pack your sense of humour! I have found that the key to keeping the holiday easy with toddlers is to do less; nothing worse than an overtired toddler on holiday. Really.

Familiarity is key. Make sure you pack that favourite blue cup (or the world will stop spinning!) and the familiar toy, spoons & clothes. Snacks are your friends. Lots and lots and LOTS of snacks.

☆ Ages 5 to 8

Congratulations, you are now at an age where you can plug them in on the plane and do a lot more with them while on holiday. My top tip for this age would be to start asking them to make scrapbooks with drawings when they’re little, and the older ones would be able to write their experiences/memories. It is such a lovely thing for them to see their own scrapbooks from when they were younger and I have found that it helps them retain some memories of the place.

Headphones, a couple of travel games and books for down time are perfect!

Ages 8-12

 I’m not here yet but I am told by those in the know (other mums!) that this is a bit like having a travel companion. Pick destinations they are learning about and interested in and keep the scrapbooking going. Walk, talk, eat and enjoy!

Happy travels!

All featured products can be found on Kidore from the comfort of your home with your pj’s on – now that sounds good to us!

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