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Through my day job working for a PR Agency that specialises in beauty, health and wellness brands, I feel pretty privileged to find out about lots of lovely brands and places. Sometimes I have the opportunity to try them out and sometimes I feel the need to shout all about them – I’m talking about you Confident Dental Clinic!

Chatting all things teeth in the office one morning, I mentioned needing to take the kiddos for routine check-ups and my fab colleague and friend hooked me up with the Confident team, based in Century Plaza, Jumeirah 1. Their shiny brand new clinic is as sparkly as the smiles we left with and has all of the latest equipment and technology. They offer one-day dentistry for those short on time, family, sports and general dentistry. A skincare department will be opening soon too that will offer the latest in dermatology, laser hair removal and facial treatments.

My priority for a check up was Finlay who has lost a few teeth recently and is looking a bit crooked and gappy at the moment, with not much space for his big teeth to come down – bless him! He was seen by Dr. Benny who was so thorough and listened to my concerns whilst advising me honestly what would be the best outcome for him. His patience didn’t go unnoticed when my ever so inquisitive son asked a string of questions about every piece of equipment, what it was for and how it is used. I think I may have a future dentist on my hands 😉

Elliott was seen by Dr. Nahal who was also as warm and welcoming, and being a pretty easy customer, his pearly whites were all ship shape and after a clean with ’special toothpaste’ he was good to go! But not before my teeth whitening, a procedure I had been interested in trying for a while. Dr Nahal explained the whole procedure to me and what to expect and when. Three applications were applied in 15 minute blocks and the first one was a breeze. The second I felt a few pangs of sensitivity and by the third I was ready for it to be finished! I have quite sensitive teeth and the whole procedure can vary by person depending upon this. It was in no way unbearable, more a little uncomfortable. I took some Panadol that evening which helped and for the next day refrained from tea, coffee…and red wine (aside from one cup of tea that I desperately needed and drank through a straw!) You should also avoid coloured foods including tomato sauces for at least three days to avoiding staining.
 **The results – un-edited picture taken the next evening – I think you can see how happy I am with them!**
As a child, I grew up with a fantastic dentist who I actually enjoyed visiting and looked forward to the mini electric toothbrush with the fruity toothpaste where my teeth felt so shiny and clean afterwards. I wanted my children to share the same experience as I did and with Confident I feel we have definitely found this.
We are heading back at the end of the month for Finlay to see their Orthodontist and I feel completely ‘Confident’ that he is in safe hands.
…and who doesn’t love a bit of Tom & Jerry as a light distraction :)
Big thanks to the awesome Confident team.
To book an appointment call 04 3433315 or visit their website.

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